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Who We Are

Fairway Fittings is an online golf apparel boutique designed for women by women. One of our goals is that women of all ages can feel fashionable in golf clothing. We feel our clothing lines can be worn on and off the golf course.

Fairway Fittings offers styles that are for both the experienced serious golfer and the weekend warrior golfer.

Fairway Fittings styles will give you the feeling of:

Look Good, Feel Good, Golf Good....



We understand golf is just as much a mental game as it is physical. How you feel when you step onto the first tee is important. Our motto is “Look Good, Feel Good, Golf Good”. Our hope is that you get this feeling each time you choose a golf outfit and play your next round of golf.


Suzanne’s Vision

My vision is not just about feeling great and how you look, but how awesome all women are playing a sport they enjoy and love.

Taking you to the next level, wherever your level of golf is!

Typically, women are looked at as inferior when they step onto the tee box with other male golfers. The best course of action is to do what we women do best; hold our head high & drive that ball down the middle!

Make a change, not only who you are as a woman playing a sport but as a woman who feels empowered each and every day.

We all face personal challenges, especially during today’s times. Let that be a thing of the past as you step onto the tee box. Feel yourself let go and the rush of doing something great for you and you alone.

Understanding who we are as women in sports and knowing we are as powerful as anyone else playing a sport.

Golf is a mental game and we all need to be positive, encouraging and kind to ourselves and others. Understanding, there are good shots, bad shots and everything in-between.

Discover yourself in the game of golf.

How can I help? Let’s connect.
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Wishing all of you a great drive, chip and put on your next round of golf!

Remember: Look Good, Feel Good, Golf Good.


Contact Us

Suzanne Wagner – CEO & Founder
Email: suzanne@fairwayfittings.com

Marketing Inquiries:
Anastasia Truszkowski – Sales & Marketing Manager
Email: anastasia@fairwayfittings.com

Sales Inquiries:
Email: sales@fairwayfittings.com

Customer Service Inquiries:
Email: customerservice@fairwayfittings.com 

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